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Over the years, we have provided many wedding discos.
We often get asked the same questions. So to help answer them, Richard - the Bath Wedding DJ has compiled the list below.
However, if any of your questions are not answered here, please do get in contact and Richard will be happy to answer them.

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The amount I charge is very much dependent on the type of service you are after. Cost can vary depending on the equipment required and the length of show. However, the quote I will provide you with will be for the whole service - with no hidden costs. I also believe my prices are very reasonable for the service provided.

Please feel free to contact me directly for a free quotation!
I will gladly take song requests. I accept short song lists or full playlists beforehand, and can issue request slips to guests and take requests during the show.

I have an extensive collection of music, but should you have something very specific you want played, I will accept music on the night on audio CD.
I cover Bath, Bristol and all surrounding areas including Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Yate, Chippenham, Thornbury, Clevedon, Nailsea, Portishead, Newport and Western-super-Mare. As a guide, I will travel approximately 1 hour from Bath.
It is a fact that very few venues these days allow the use of smoke or haze machines. Smoke allows you to see beams of light in the air. Some lighting effects just don't work well without it.

I have chosen to use lighting effects that are effective both with or without smoke.
Yes, I will mix your chosen music live on the night keeping everyone happy on the dance floor.
I use a variety of professional equipment, some suitable for smaller venues, whilst other equipment more suitable for larger venues. As a guide, I can happily provide a disco from anywhere up to 500 guests. I am also able to source additional equipment for even larger parties.
I am confident and know how to speak clearly on the microphone. However, I find the majority of wedding guests prefer to enjoy the music without the DJ talking over it, and therefore keep DJ banter to a minimum - for making important announcements such as the first dance, throwing the bouquet etc.
An acceptable music volume level is to some degree down to the individual, but what is unacceptable is overbearing noise - biting treble and deafening bass. I find this is often caused by poor, unsuitable or incorrectly setup equipment.

I always provide equipment suitable for your venue and I know how to set everything up correctly. Unless restricted by a sound limiter, I will make every effort to play your music at the volume that I believe you and your guests will enjoy. Feel free to let me know if you would like me to change the volume level at anytime during the show.
Depending on the amount of equipment being used and also the difficulty of access into the venue with equipment, I will take approximately 1 hour to setup and also 1 hour to pack down.
I feel it is important for the DJ to look smart, clean and tidy. The standard attire I would wear for a wedding disco would be shirt and tie. When making a booking, you can specify what attire is appropriate.
For anyone not familiar with noise limiters, some venues have them installed to ensure that the volume does not exceed a certain level. They are more commonly found in venues that are close to residential areas.

The problem I have found with some noise limiters is not only do they not work well with live music (that includes karaoke), they enforce the volume limit by briefly cutting the mains supply if a certain noise level is exceeded. Should this happen, it will not only spoil your party, but could also permanently damage our equipment. Many DJ's and live acts refuse to perform in venues fitted with noise limiters.

In answer to your question, I will provide a disco in a venue wih a noise limiter. However, the volume of the music will be limited to that of the noise limiter, whatever that might be.
The choice is yours, but have you considered:
The importance of booking a photographer, florist, wedding cake, seat covers, cars etc.
You want your special day to be memorable and finish on a high.
What do you remember about the last wedding reception you went to?
How many guests are you considering to invite to your wedding reception?
Have you thought about what you will provide for the 4+ hours of evening entertainment?

When considering providing your own evening entertainment, have you thought about:
Sound - your hi-fi might sound great in your room at home, but is it really up to filling a wedding venue with party music?
Lighting - can you create a great party atmosphere with little or no lighting effects?
Music - You've got lots of songs you like, but what do you play and when do you play them? Will they appeal to all your guests? What about taking requests on the night?
Thought about hiring disco equipment? What do you hire? Who is going to set it up, who is going to return it? Is it suitable for your venue? How much?
Backup - What happens if equipment fails? Is that the end of your party?
Organisation? - Who will you trust to organise your evening entertainment?

A final note for those considering hiring just live entertainment. A wedding evening reception on average will run for approx. 4-5 hours. Live entertainment will usually only run for approx 1 to 2 hours max!
I prefer to take bookings a minimum of 2 weeks before the day of the event. However, it is possible I could be available for a party the following day.

Please get in contact to find out.
At present, I'm afraid I do not hire out or sell equipment. Sorry
This is usually fine, provided I understand what the arrangements are with your live act beforehand. I can provide most cables and vocal microphones should they require them. All I ask is that the DJ controls the levels on the mixer.
It has become increasingly common for new popular songs to have explicit lyrics. Not to cause any offence to anyone, I will only play clean versions of songs.
I am happy to work with a live act if you decide to go with both.

In choosing between a disco or a live act however, discos are still a very popular choice for wedding receptions. We believe this is for the following reasons:
Value - A good disco is likely to be cheaper than a good professional live act.
Choice in music - A good disco will be able to provide various types of music to suit everyone, rather than one particular style or genre that might not necessarily appeal to everyone.
Venue friendly - A good disco will work to the limits of the venue, using equipment ideally suited to the venue. Some live acts may not even be allowed to play at your venue.
Extras - A good disco will not only provide the party music, but will also offer extras such as mood lighting / uplighting and background music.
If you would like to make a booking, and I have confirmed I am availabile for your date, I will provide you with a booking form to complete.
Once I have received your completed booking form, I will post you two copies of a contract, one of which will need to be signed and returned back to me.
I will also require a deposit to confirm your booking.
Every professional disco should have the following:

Public Liability Insurance (PLI)
PLI provides cover against damage to person(s) or property caused by proven negligence. As a member of the National Association of DJ's (NADJ), we have a £10 million policy.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
The Health & Safety Executive states that 25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances. The Electricity at Work Regulations place a legal responsibility on us to take reasonably practicable steps to ensure that no danger results from the use of such equipment. This in effect requires the implementation of a program of maintenance, inspection and testing.

I am happy to provide you with copies of my certificates on request.
Unfortunately, all wedding receptions are private parties, so unless you are a guest, you are unlikely to be able to come and listen beforehand.

However, I regularly take photos and video snippets, which are then added to the Gallery. I also add any feedback received to the Testimonial section.

I provide a free, no obligation consultation at your home or venue, so you get to discuss your plans.
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